Santeria Initiation, Ceremonies, Drumming, Fiestas

Santería Initiation: Santería initiation is the process through which an individual becomes initiated into a specific Orisha and receives a guardian spirit. It involves purification rituals, divination, and the consecration of the individual to their Orisha.

Santería Ceremonies: Santería ceremonies are performed to honor and communicate with the Orishas. They include rituals, offerings, and prayers to seek blessings, guidance, and protection. Ceremonies can take various forms, such as Bembes (public celebrations), Itá (divination ceremonies), and Ebo (offerings).

Santería Drumming: Drumming is a crucial element of Santería ceremonies. The primary drum used is the batá drum, played by skilled drummers to invoke and communicate with the Orishas. Drumming is accompanied by chants, songs, and dance, creating an energetic atmosphere.

Santería Fiestas: Santería fiestas are festive celebrations that honor specific Orishas and bring the community together. They include processions, rituals, music, dance, food, and colorful attire. Fiestas provide opportunities for spiritual connection, cultural expression, and community bonding.

Espiritism Evolvement, Mass

Espiritism Evolvement: Espiritism emphasizes the continuous evolution of the soul through multiple incarnations. Followers of Espiritism seek spiritual growth and moral development through the study of spiritual principles, the practice of mediumship, and the pursuit of personal enlightenment. Mediums play a central role in Espiritism, acting as channels for communication with spirits and providing guidance and healing to individuals.

Mass Services: In Espiritism, Mass services are gatherings where followers come together to engage in spiritual practices and receive messages from spirits. These services are typically led by mediums who act as intermediaries between the physical and spiritual realms. During the Mass, there may be prayers, hymns, readings from spiritual texts, and periods of meditation. Mediums may enter into a trance state to communicate with spirits, delivering messages of comfort, guidance, or healing to those in attendance. The Mass is a sacred and communal gathering that aims to foster spiritual connection, upliftment, and the sharing of spiritual wisdom.


Religious cleansings, also known as spiritual cleansings or purification rituals, are practices found in various religions and spiritual traditions worldwide. These rituals are performed with the intention of purifying the individual or a space from negative energies, spiritual impurities, or unwanted influences.


Divination is a practice found in various cultures and belief systems that seeks to gain insight or knowledge about the future or the unknown through supernatural or mystical means. It involves the interpretation of signs, symbols, or messages from spiritual sources or higher powers. Divination methods can vary widely, including practices such as tarot card reading, astrology, palmistry, rune casting, scrying, and more. Divination is often used as a tool for guidance, decision-making, problem-solving, and gaining a deeper understanding of oneself and the world. It is believed that through divination, one can tap into hidden knowledge or receive guidance from the spiritual realm to navigate life’s uncertainties.