My duty as an Iyalorisha and Espiritista is to help the Aleyo (a person who has received the first rite of initiation) or any newcomer, by guiding and preparing for spiritual journeys, and future paths.

As an Espiritista i was born with the gift of divination and communicating with what we call Eggun, spirits.  My faith was put at test plenty of times, only leading me back to my culture & beliefs in Espiritismo.

Finally, Jan 2009 i was initiated receiving Ikofafun, by my Padrino Oluwo Osakuleya, Ibaen and proceeded with crowning Oshun on Aug 2015, by the hands of Oshun Leti, Oggun Nike, & Oba Oriate, Orestes Miguel Orta Insua, not to mention all the other Iyaloshas/ Babaloshas that participated in this ceremony of Kariocha, taking place in San Miguel del Padron, Havana Cuba.  I am so proud to be in they’re ile, and respectfully move forward with my godchildren growing & learning together, for there is always something to learn in this spiritual journey.